Avroliner Project

Let's go flying!

Avroliner Project

Made For X-Plane!

Avroliner Project

Made for X-Plane!

Avroliner Project

Made for X-Plane!

Avroliner Project

Made for X-Plane!

About The Project

The Avroliner Project Avro RJ series aircraft is the perfect fit for all your flight simulation needs.  

The Avro RJ series aircraft is a recreation of the British Aerospace  BAe 146/Avro RJ; a short-haul airliner and a regional airliner. It was designed specifically for the X-Plane flight simulator.  Designed to be short to medium range jet will be able to handle almost any airport you decide the challenge it with.  

Whether it be a short field takeoff or a mountain grass runway the Avroliner’s high wing and STOL capabilities make this the perfect regional jet for your flight simulation needs.

The Avro RJ Series

The Avro RJ Series includes the Avro RJ aircraft, a four engined regional aircraft series by British Aerospace. All produced passenger variants of the Avro RJ series are available. Every model comes with its own 3D Virtual Cockpit to fully capture the spirit and identity of these jets.

Choose between 6 highly accurate and detailed models.

British Aerospace Avro RJ70 for X-Plane 10British Aerospace Avro RJ85 for X-Plane 10British Aerospace Avro RJ100 for X-Plane 10British Aerospace Avro RJ70 for X-Plane 11British Aerospace Avro RJ85 for X-Plane 11British Aerospace Avro RJ100 for X-Plane 11

Short Field Flying

The Avroliner’s 4 Lycoming ALF502 turbofans give this plane the feel of flying a 747 Jumbo that can be flown with the ease of a regional jet.   The only commercial jet with 4 turbofan jet engines on a wing that is mounted on top of the fuselage, the BAe 146 also has a T-tail. Having extremely large flaps and spoilers, and a large split air brake mounted in the tail, the plane does not need reverse thrust at landing. Consequently, the four engines (supplied by the U.S. manufacturer Lycoming) do not have this facility. The plane can take off and land on extremely short runways, such as those at Mönchengladbach Airport, at Vágar Airport and at London City Airport, a converted dock.

Let's Fly

From The Beginning

The Avroliner Project is proven in the x-plane community with roots dating to the inception of the project on december 27, 2007. Andreas Much And Matthias Helbig joined forces creating their earliest aircraft add-ons for X-Plane 8. Andreas focused largely on aircraft development while Matthias created the first 2d flight decks. together Andreas And Matthias established the project’s first online presence in order to develop and share their passion for flight. Building upon the framework and legacy of the early Avroliner Project Andreas Continued To Develop The Commercial Market And Carried Forward The Company Which Today Offers A Full Range Of Commercial Software Based On Integrity And Experience.

A New Experience

Over the years, the project has developed a multitude of aircraft releases. We take pride in our understanding of the X-Plane community and how it relates to our software. This understanding of the X-Plane flight simulator community allows The Avroliner Project to offer an effective answer to your flight simulation gaming needs.

Our Philosophy

Be Adaptable. We know in order to provide our clients with the best possible service, we must be adaptable. As market conditions change, we will adapt to make sure that you are offered personalized, responsive service while adding value to your purchase. The Avroliner Project is proud of the quality of the software we provide, development, distribution, and customer support. With the privilege of each new client, we treat your concerns as our own.

The Avroliner RJ Series

Big Aircraft Look; Small Aircraft Feel.our product's finest features.

  • 3D Model

    Exceptional detailed characteristics of the Avro RJ Series.  High resolution texturing.  Customized Texture Maps for natural reflections.

  • Animations

    Realistic controlled wingflex, reacting to turbulences. Realistic controlled flap system. Detailed airbrake and lift dumpers. Animated air-stair, Entry- & Cargo doors.

  • Flight Deck

    Detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit. Realistic photoreal textures. Multi-stage Night Lighting with dimmable Flood Lighting.

  • Requirements

    X-Plane 11 (not compatible with X-Plane 10)Windows 7, MAC, or Linux4GB+ VRAMVersion 1.0 (last updated Feb 1st 2018)

Additional Featrues

3D Model

Exceptional detailed characteristics of the Avro RJ Series.

High resolution texturing, Customized Texture Maps for natural reflections.

High Definition TexturesCustomized Bump Maps

Customized Landing Lights.

See-through cabin windows with modelled cabin.

Navigation lights and Strobes cast light splashes on the ground


Realistic controlled wingflex, reacting to turbulences

Realistic controlled flap system

Detailed airbrake and lift dumpers

Detailed rudder

All primary and secondary flight controls including tab-controlled aileron and elevator

Working two-speed wipers

Moving pilotsAnimated airstairEntry- & Cargo doorsGround power unit

Flight Deck

Detailed 3D Virtual CockpitAutopilot with VNAV, LNAV, Flight Level ChangeAutopilot with LNAV, Flight Level Change and Attitude Hold capability

Thrust Management System

Full simulation of electric, fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) with aural warning sounds

Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with altitude callouts

More than 100 working annunciators

Speedcard giving you the correct reference speeds

Realistic photoreal textures

Multi-stage Night Lighting with dimmable Flood Lighting

  • RJ 100

    British Aerospace Avro RJ100 for X-Plane 11

  • Avro RJ85

    British Aerospace Avro RJ85for X-Plane 11

  • Avro RJ70

    British Aerospace Avro RJ70 for X-Plane11


When the AI flies the aircraft - you can sit in your plane with wing wievs as passenger and enjoy take off - flying and landing smoothly. Bravo for this product

Thank you so much! I've just created this livery for the plane :) Such a beautiful bird!