26.08.20 - Update v. 8.12 is now ready for download. 26.08.20 - Avro RJ Series Update v. 8.12 for X-Plane 11.50 is now ready for download.
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Which package is right for you?

Which package is right for you?

The Avroliner Project is a virtual experience like no other. Since 2007, we’ve been providing aircraft add-ons for the x-plane community. Our founders started with the X-Plane 8 model and 2D decks. Since then, we’ve moved on to various aircraft releases and a host of add-ons for the virtual world. Learn more about our packages and find the right ones for your x-plane needs!

Why choose flight simulation?


For decades, the military and commercial airlines have been using flight simulation to train pilots for actual flight. In order to properly train pilots, aircraft interiors and exteriors should be identical to the aircrafts they represent.

Companies choose flight simulators for a variety of reasons. The first being cost. Due to the price of creating and maintaining aircrafts, it’s not a good idea to train pilots using real airplanes. Trainees could potentially crash and kill humans and ruin properties. So, flight simulation serves as a safe and realistic alternative.

Over time, flight simulation spread to the online virtual reality community where it has gained quite a following. Features like plane cockpits, visual imagery, and sensation of motion are very realistic and flying x-planes is a favorite pastime for many.


The Avro RJ Series  

The Avro RJ series is our premier aircraft series. It’s a collection of aircrafts that uses can change based on their subscription. This simulation is based on the British Aerospace (Bae) 146 airliner. This plane was first created in 1983 and several models were produced between 1983-2002. The name Avro RJ was coined in 1992 to classify the new and improved aircrafts.

Our flight simulation features include:

  • 70+ passenger seats
  • Compatible with X-plane 11
  • Realistic wing flex and flap system
  • Detailed air brake and lift dumpers
  • High resolution texturing

Avro RJ70

These crafts took flight in 1993 and differed from the Bae with LF 507 engines, digital avionics, and seats that can hold up to 94 passengers.

Avro RJ85 

This model features an improved version of the LF 507 engines used in RJ70 aircrafts. It also boasts a better cabin and seating for 112 passengers.

Avro RJ100

Created using the Bae 146-300, this plane features a modernized ALF 502R-7 engine, improved avionics, and winglets, and the capacity to hold 100 passengers.

Our Packages

Buyers can purchase packages with just one aircraft (RJ100, RJ85, RJ70), two planes (RJ85, RJ100), or all three crafts. Our prices are affordable, ranging from $32.95-59.95. Once downloaded, users can access their accounts at any time for several years.

 It’s important to note that our store is constantly changing, and once products become obsolete, they are removed so always backup your files. For questions, such as resetting your password, reach out to us. You should also join our mailing list to learn about new products and updates.


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