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Avro RJ Series for X-Plane 10


Avro RJ Series for X-Plane 10

The Avro RJ family combines mainline passenger accommodation with high performance to provide unmatched operating potential for both major and regional operators. With complete commonality across the three fuselage length family, Avro RJ customers can optimize regional jet operations to maximize revenue at a minimal cost.

Configurations of the aircraft vary from less than 70 to more than 100 seats and include four, five or six abreast, mixed class or convertible seating. The high volume and easy access freight hold allow for additional mail and cargo.

This revenue earning capability, with high standards of performance, enables both niche and prime routes to be served. Longer routes, up to 3,000km, requiring less than 100 seats are regularly operated with full multi-class service by the Avro RJ.

 In addition, excellent airfield performance permits comfortable jet travel to downtown, mountainous, or other restrictive

The Avroliner Compilation is a package that includes your selection from all 3 aircraft for X-Plane 10 by the Avroliner project:
  •  Avro RJ70 for X-Plane 10
  • Avro RJ85 for X-Plane 10
  • Avro RJ 100 for X-Plane 10


Flightdeck Features:

  • Detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit
  • Autopilot with VNAV, LNAV, Flight Level Change
  • Autopilot with LNAV, Flight Level Change
  • and
  • Attitude Hold capability
  • Thrust Management System
  • Full simulation of electric, fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) with aural warning sounds
  • Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with altitude callouts
  • More than 100 working annunciators
  • Speed-card giving you the correct reference speeds
  • Realistic photoreal textures
  • Multi-stage Night Lighting with dimmable Flood Lighting

Exterior Model Features:

  • Exceptionally detailed characteristics of the Avro RJ Series
  • High resolution texturing
  • Customized Texture Maps for natural reflections
  • High Definition Textures
  • Customized Bump Maps
  • Customized Landing Lights
  • See-through cabin windows with modeled cabin
  • Navigation lights and Strobes cast light splashes on the ground

Realistic Animations, including:

  • Realistic controlled wing-flex, reacting to turbulence
  • Realistic controlled flap system
  • Detailed airbrake and lift dumpers
  • Detailed rudder
  • All primary and secondary flight controls including tab-controlled aileron and elevator
  • Working two-speed wipers
  • Moving pilots
  • Animated air-stair
  • Entry- & Cargo doors
  • Ground power unit